Patit Pavan – The Purifier Part I

They say that He is omnipresent. You say: He is the Purifier

Baba Himself says: I come when you have become totally impure by following corrupt directions.

By sitting on the pyre of lust everyone became like a corpse burning away. The Father understands that you children became ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust. Therefore, He comes to make you beautiful. The Father is knowledge-full.

The Father says: You have become so senseless! You have defamed Baba a lot and this is why you have become degraded.

He says: There are the omens of the eclipse of the five vices over you. You have to donate the five vices. The first donation you have to make is that of never indulging in vice.

The Father says: Lust is the greatest enemy… By conquering lust you will become the masters of the world.

The Father says: There is so much adulteration and corruption! I now have to uplift everyone through you mothers and kumaris.

Baba has the one concern: I come to purify the impure and to give them the inheritance of the land of peace and the land of happiness.

According to the Drama plan, Baba has come to remove you from the unlimited refuse bin and adopted you.

The Father knows that He gives His children the nectar of knowledge to imbibe, sits them on the pyre of knowledge and awakens them from their deep sleep and takes them to heaven.

I carry the burden on My head to purify the world and therefore, I am responsible.

The Father says: I guarantee that I come every cycle and purify you children.

Only the one Father should be called the purifier. He will take everyone back home. He also has to carry out the creation. If He were to simply take everyone back home, there would be annihilation.

BapDada wants to see the jewel of complete purity sparkling on each one’s forehead. He wants to see purity sparkling in your eyes. He wants to see the stars of both eyes sparkling with the sparkle of spirituality. He wants to hear sweetness and specialty in your invaluable words. He wants to see constant contentment and humility in your actions. Let there be constant good feelings in your feelings and in your motives – a constant attitude of brotherhood. The halo of an angel’s light should be constantly visible around your head. BapDada wants to see such adorned images. Only such images will be the most elevated souls, worthy of worship. Those people will create non-living images of you, but Baba wants to see you become this in your living form.

When Baba the Purifier comes, not only does He make human beings pure, He also makes the whole of nature totally pure.

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