Garib Niwaz – The Lord of the Poor

People donate to the poor. Baba too comes and gives an unlimited donation

Baba is the Lord of the Poor, that is, He is the Father of this whole world which is poor and in sorrow.  What is in His heart? I am the Lord of the Poor; everyone’s sorrow and poverty should all finish. Sorrow and poverty can only be reduced by knowledge. No one can become rich just by being given clothes and food. Perhaps, on seeing the poor, I would feel like giving clothes to them because I remember that I am the Lord of the Poor. However, at the same time, I also understand that I am not only the Lord of the Poor for the natives. I am the Lord of the Poor who purifies those who are completely impure. I am the Purifier. I think about this: Even though I am the Lord of the Poor, how can I give money? There are many in the world who can give money… Because Baba is the Lord of the Poor, He says: Give them something through which they become wealthy forever.

Baba, the Lord of the Poor, has come to free the poor mothers and daughters from being stripped. Baba places the urn on the head of the mothers. You are tired, so I have to remove your tiredness! Everyone has rejected you mothers. Sannyasis renounce their wives and leave. Some who are not able to look after the 5 or 7 children they have, become distressed and run away. They create their creation, then make them around homeless. I remove everyone’s sorrow and grant them happiness.

Souls who have been considered unworthy (by the world), especially mothers, have been made into worthy souls, that is those who have a right to the Father.

 The Father says:  I am so ordinary.

 The Father from beyond is most simple. He does not have any external splendor. Other fathers tour around in cars and planes. The unlimited Father says: I have come into the impure world and into an impure body in order to serve you children.

Just as you are ordinary, so I too become ordinary in order to teach you. The Father is teaching you directly. The Father comes in an ordinary body and so it is the ordinary children who recognize Him.  The Father has come to help the poor. He will give the return of what you gave in donation for twenty-one births.

Only the poor ones receive a high status. Scarcely any wealthy ones are able to take this knowledge. What would Baba do by taking so much from the wealthy ones? Everything created here is through the drops of the children.  Sweet children, whatever you have, transfer all of it. Whatever you transfer from here, you will receive that a thousand fold in the new world. Shiv Baba doesn’t ask you for anything. He is the Bestower.

 The Father has come to give you back the things you had lost.

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1 Response to Garib Niwaz – The Lord of the Poor

  1. bk says:

    Indeed the poor can achieve a closeness to him that the rich and royal feel they no longer need (unless some misery comes by) and can even achieve it’s direct fruit-happiness and satisfaction of having God as your companion.

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