Nihswarth – The Selfless One

Baba is the master of Brahmand, He doesn’t become the master of this world. Baba is the master of Heaven in the sense that He creates it. He makes you the masters. He puts you on His head. He is the server. He gives everything to the children and then goes away.

Baba is the Obedient Server.

The Father says: I am present on your service. You demanded Me to come and purify you impure ones. Therefore, because you asked Me to come, I have come.

Baba, the resident of Paramdham, comes and becomes our Father, Teacher and Guru. All three are Servants. He doesn’t have any arrogance about this. He says: I serve you and give you everything and then go and sit in the land of nirvana. Baba is incorporeal and egoless.

Shiv Baba is not a king.

Baba surrenders the kingdom of the world to such children who have all the knowledge in their intellect. He says: I don’t rule the kingdom. I give it to you. This is called selfless service. Baba says: It is as though you are in God’s kingdom because God has come here in order to create that kingdom.

Baba’s service is altruistic. He says: I don’t become a king. I make you into the kings of kings. God never takes anything from anyone. He is the Bestower. Everyone gives donation in the name of God believing they will receive the return of that in their next birth. They have that desire. This One is the Unlimited Father.

This Father says: I am the altruistic Server. No human being can be altruistic. They would starve to death! I am not going to starve to death. I am beyond experiencing the fruit of anything. I give you children sovereignty over the world and then go and rest. My part comes to an end. It then starts again on the path of bhakti.

On the path of bhakthi also, He serves you.

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