Sambandh – The Relationships

You have received a right to Godly love and where there is love, there
is everything, whereas where there is everything but no love, there is nothing.
All types of love are merged in Godly love because He is the Creator. The
creation is included in the Creator. So, whatever love you need, you can
experience the love of that form, the love of that relationship.

Baba says:

Manmanabhav! He is the most beloved, the Saccharine of all
relationships. All other relationships are based on vices. Sorrow is received through
them. Baba is giving you the return of everything. He gives you the love of all
relationships. He gives you so much happiness! No one else can give you as much

The Father says: Forge a relationship with Me.

Belonging to the One Father is not like going to your aunty’s home! To forge all relationships with such a Father takes time. It takes great effort to stay in remembrance of Shiv Baba.

Everyone is loving, but within love, there is on the one hand love from the heart and on the other hand love according to the time, that is of selfishness. The third is love at the time of desperation. The specialty of love from the heart is that the soul will easily experience all relationships and all the attainments constantly. The experience of even one relationship should not be lacking. There should be the different experiences of love according to the time and according to the different relationships. The soul should recognize the time and also the relationship appropriate at that time. When Baba in the form of the Teacher, is teaching an elevated study, if the relationship of the Teacher is not experienced at that time, but the soul begins to celebrate a meeting and has a conversation with Baba as a Friend, then there is not attention to study. At the time when the role is that of the Teacher, the role of a godly student life is accurate. This is known as recognizing the need of the relationship according to the recognition of the time and of experiencing the attainment of love according to the relationship.

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