Beej – The Seed

The Seed Himself comes and gives the knowledge of the Seed.

Baba is the Creator, therefore He must be the Living Being. He is the Seed. All of the creation is created by Him. He is the Truth, the Living being, the Ocean of Knowledge. Because He is the Living Being, He is able to talk to you.

If the seed of a mango were living, it would explain that it is the seed and that this is the way the tree emerges from it. However, that is non-living. There is only one living tree.

Only the One Father says: I am the Seed of the human world tree. The tree is not merged in the Seed, but the knowledge of the tree is merged in the Seed. The Seed of this tree is up above. This is why it is called an inverted tree. The Father who is the Creator is up above.

The Father sits here and explains how the tree of the world grows.

Baba is the living Seed of the human world tree. This is the living creation. This One is the living Seed who has all the knowledge of the whole world. There is so much praise of this One, this living Seed. He is in front of you. He sits here and because He is living, He can explain the secrets of the tree to you.

All of you depend on Shiv Baba. The whole world depends on Him, and this is why they call out: Oh purifier, come

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