Varis – The Child, The Inheritor

Whose child is Brahma? Shiv Baba’s.

Whose child is He? The mothers say that Shiv Baba is their child.

These are the games of Shiv Baba.

He is the Unlimited Father. Such a great Father and yet so humble. He is so sweet, as gentle as a small child. Whatever happens, He says: Achcha, this is not important. Because He moves forward according to the Drama, He says: Achcha, this was destined. Then He explains that it should not happen again.

Young children don’t have any knowledge nor do they have any defects. Therefore, because they are pure, they are like great souls. The smaller the child, the more the child is like a number one flower. It is as though he is in his complete karmateet stage. The child doesn’t know about action, sinful action or neutral action and he is therefore like a flower. He attracts everyone, just as the one Father attracts everyone. Baba has come to attract everyone and to make them into fragrant flowers.

God is your special child, that is, He has the first right. If a father or mother has a first heir who is very beautiful and very worthy, the parents have so much intoxication. My child is the light of our clan, or that he will glorify the name of the family. Do you understand how much your name would be glorified and how much your clans would benefit if God were your child?

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