Atma Abhimani – Soul Consciousness: The Point, The Powerful Form

Only when you consider yourselves to be souls and remember
the Father can your sins of many births be burnt away. There is no other method
to do this.

You forget that you are souls, points and that the Father is also a point. This is a difficult subject…I, the soul, am a star. The Father is also an extremely subtle star.

Because it is difficult to stabilize yourself in the awareness of a point, you pay less attention to it. However, it is essential to have that stage. You saw the example of the corporeal form: at the time of talking or eating, Baba seemed to disappear from the body for a second or two. Even whilst talking to someone, he used to see the bodiless form, the form of the soul. This was the effort being made in stabilizing the self in the awareness of the point. You are lacking in this effort and therefore, your sanskars do not change…This is the method to change the sanskars and so at present, you have to pay special attention to this aspect…

Although you make effort to stay in the avyakt stage, you will only be able to make the avyakt stage permanent when there is the practice of being bodiless and staying in the
awareness of the point, otherwise, you continually come into corporeal feelings. You tell others that this body is a costume and so you are able to wear it or take it off whenever you choose. There should eb such a practice that you should be able to forget the consciousness of the body and yet also be aware of it. By having such a stage you will not experience punishment from Dharmaraj at the end. Otherwise, because of the strong sanskars you have had, there will be the experience of punishment…whatever you are practicing, that cannot be possible until you first firmly make yourself stable in the awareness of the point…This is the method for not experiencing punishment.

The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater the change will be visible in your sanskars. So this is the main method to change sanskars…Unless you have the practice of sitting in solitude, you will not be able to experience this stage whilst performing actions.

When you used to go in front of the corporeal form, there was the feeling of being drawn by solitude and introversion.  You even relate that sometimes it seemed as there was nothing but light; even whilst talking, there was only light visible everywhere. This is the impact of the awareness of the point…Knowledge become merged internally when you remain stable in the awareness of the point. Expansion is merged within the seed and so the awareness of the point means the awareness of the seed stage. Everything is merged in the seed and when the seed is sown in the earth, it all emerges. In the same way, all knowledge is merged in the awareness of the point. It emerges when you come down.

When you have the awareness of the point, your stage remains full….This is not like being blank, but this is being the embodiment of knowledge. You churn knowledge to clarify some points. This is the second stage. Some simply entertain themselves with
the experiences of sakar Baba and that can also be called yoga…That is also
remembrance but the awareness of the point is more powerful.  The other is just like being stable in the embodiment of love. There is difference between the awareness of the point and the embodiment of love. There is special power in this stage. The nil stage of Samadhi is different. There is no aim in that, whereas here, you have attainment. There
is also the experience of happiness, coolness and being complete with all virtues. This is the stage of being full. Just as a seed is full, it is not empty, so this stage is the same. If you practice this stage a little more, you will understand that experience clearly.

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  1. Aggy says:

    Always a good job right here. Keep rolling on thorugh.

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