Param Shikshak – The Supreme Teacher – Part I

This One is the Father and because you are students, He is also the Teacher.

Baba explains: It is just that your soul doesn’t have knowledge. I, the Supreme Soul, am knowledgeful. This is the only difference. Maya has made you impure and so the flame has been extinguished. It is just that the knowledge of the Father and the creation has been removed from the soul. And so this is this knowledge that you are now receiving.

Baba is the Father anyway but He has a greater role as Teacher.

Baba only has one act to perform: to teach His children. First you come belong to Me and then I teach you. As soon as you belong to Me your study starts. Baba sits you in His eyes and teaches you.

Baba gives the knowledge which is latent within Him. He is first the Ocean of Knowledge, then the Purifier.

Baba says: This knowledge is fixed in Myself, this soul. I only tell you what I told you a cycle ago, in exactly the same way. I will only explain to you children, no one else knows.

Just as the father had the thought to come, so, the Father also says: When I come, I begin to speak. There, I am always in peace. Then, according to the Drama, His part begins. He had a thought to come and He comes here and plays His part.

Whatever I had to tell you today, is what I am telling you. It continues to emerge. You continue to hear it. You have to imbibe it and also inspire others to do so. I relate it to you and inspire you to imbibe it. It is My soul that has the part of purifying the impure. Even though this soul churns the knowledge, I don’t know in advance what I am going to relate to you.

Baba is teaching you through these organs. Baba says: How else would I teach you?

God Himself has come to you from Paramdham in order to teach you. You know that Shiv Baba is directly in front of you in this one’s body. He is teaching Raja Yoga to the Brahmins through Brahma. He comes from so far away to teach His children.

The Father says: I too have to take the support of matter. How else could I explain the secrets of the world cycle to you?… He doesn’t have a body of His own. How would He teach without a body? There is no question of inspiration in this. Inspiration means thoughts. It isn’t that He gives inspiration from up above and that they reach you. There is no question of inspiration.

Amongst you children too, only a few understand that the Father is teaching you.

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