Murlidhar – The One Who Plays the Flute of Knowledge

Who comes and plays the murli early in the morning? You are now listening to the murli from the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, the Purifier, the Lord of Life. He is God, the One who saves your life.

It remains in the children’s intellect that Shiv Baba plays the murli in Madhuban. He doesn’t play a bamboo flute. Krishna’s dancing and playing the flute is all the path of devotion.

It is shown that Krishna used to dance. That wasn’t a physical dance. In fact, it is the dance of knowledge. Shiv Baba Himself tells you: I come to perform the dance of knowledge. I am the Ocean of Knowledge… This is the flute of knowledge, not a wooden flute. Would the Purifier Father come and teach you Raja Yoga or play a wooden flute?… When some good serviceable children come, Baba’s dance of knowledge is also likewise. When the audience watching a dancing girl is very keen, she performs the dance very well with happiness. If there are only a few sitting in the audience, she would perform an ordinary dance in a common way. When there are those who applaud, her enthusiasm increases. It is the same here.

Baba doesn’t play the murli in your Calcutta or Bombay. The murli is only played in Madhuban. In order to be refreshed you have to come to the Father and listen to the murli.

Baba gives directions in the murlis.

There is magic in the murli of BapDada.

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