Param Shikshak – The Supreme Teacher – Part III

The Father gives you knowledge and this includes knowledge of yoga and of the world.

The Father sits here and explains all that He does. As you make further progress, He will continue to explain more.

Baba says: I explain everything I know to your children.

Only through the Creator can the creation be known. Baba will explain everything to the children… Baba explains so well.

The Father says: I tell you the newest and deepest things of all. The Father says: I teach you at the confluence of the cycle. I change you from human beings into deities. I explain all the secrets to you children.

Just as Baba is wonderful, so too, this knowledge is also wonderful. Baba is explaining to you all His tactics and secrets.

Baba comes and teaches the residents of Bharat how to love God.

Baba is teaching you how to remember Baba.

The main thing that the Father teaches you is the pilgrimage of remembrance.

When you become Brahmins, Shiv Baba teaches you to remember the Father and to study to become pure. To remember the Father is also a study. To say: Allah ho (I am God) is a false study.

The number one lesson you are taught is: Consider yourself to be a soul and remember the Father. This is most essential.

Baba has come to teach you the spiritual art, the art of silence. With this art, you go beyond the sun, the moon and stars to the supreme region, to the land of peace. You leave the bodies here, you are not afraid. .. He takes you to the absolute top, to your abode.

The Father explains that you came bodiless and adopted a body and played your part. You now have to die alive and forget everything. The Father comes and teaches you how to die.

The Father is explaining to you the essence of the scriptures and is also telling you the world history and geography.

Only the Master of the world can explain the history and geography of the world. Baba takes you into unlimited history. You understand that Baba has come to instill the knowledge of the world cycle in your intellects…

You become pure and you also claim your kingdom from Baba. Baba gives you even higher status than His…Baba sits here and explains to you children the philosophy of elevated actions, neutral actions and sinful actions.

The Father tells you everything about yourself.

The Father is now teaching you how to perform elevated actions.

Baba teaches you to earn an income for the future.

Baba is teaching you to attain a kingdom.

God speaks: Oh children, I teach you in order to make you into kings of kings.

Now, I teach you such karma that you will not have the experience of sorrow for 21 births. Baba is teaching you all the laws. 

BapDada continually gives you teachings on how to become free.

Storms will come in remembrance but Baba gives you courage. He says: this is a battlefield. In fact, the Father should be called Yudishtira because He teaches you how to battle. Baba, Yudishtira, teaches you how to battle with Maya. You do not have to chant anything with your mouth. You have to remain silent.

BapDada continues to observe the stage of you children as the Detached Observer. He continues to explain to you. Many write to Baba: Baba, I have fallen. Baba replies: Achcha, don’t fall again! Baba knows that Maya is very powerful. It is the teacher’s duty to teach you about mistakes and make you free from mistakes.

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