Gora Musaphir – The Beautiful Traveller

Oh traveler of the night, do not be weary, the doors of heaven are now going to open. Only Baba has the key.

 Baba says: I am the greatest guest but I am incognito. Only you recognize Me.

You children know that Baba has come as the traveler. You too came here as travelers. You forgot your home. The Father has now reminded you of your home and He explains to you that you cannot return home until you become Satopradhan.

The Spiritual Father, who is the Traveler of the Faraway Land, who grants salvation to everyone, has come. The world doesn’t know Him.

Baba is a foreigner.

BapDada has come from the farthest-away land. No land can be further away than BapDada’s.

He says: I come in a foreign land, in a foreign body. He comes in the iron aged world in an impure body and makes it beautiful.

Baba is the One who attracts everyone.

He says: I, the Traveler, am always beautiful. I remain in my purity.

He is very beautiful because He is very pure…. When He comes here not only does He make human beings of this world beautiful, He makes the whole world beautiful.

Baba is the magnet. No matter the intensity of the effort the soul makes at a physical level, it is only by being clean and pure internally that it will feel the attraction of the magnet and have the experience of being merged.

Baba makes a lot of effort to make you beautiful.

Shiv Baba is the beautiful traveler. He changes you from ugly to beautiful. He is such a handsome bridegroom! He comes and makes you brides beautiful. You brides should sacrifice yourself to Him.

The Father says: Constantly remember Me alone: This is the greatest hospitality.

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