Vishwa Sevadhari – The World Server – Part I

Do you know what is BapDada’s life? World service is BapDada’s life.

The unlimited Father comes and does the most elevated service: He makes us into kings from paupers, from beggars into princes.

BapDada is constantly engaged in serving the children. He is with you now and will always be with you.

Baba tells you: I am your servant. You have been singing on the path of bhakti: I am a slave, I am Your slave. I have now come to serve you children.

Baba is remembered as the Incorporeal One and the Egoless One.

Children can simply have one thought that, “Baba, I am Yours.” In return, Baba offers the experience in every thought, word and action, that He is yours. In return for your one thought, Baba becomes yours alone for the entire duration of the Confluence Age… Baba, as the servant, is bound in service whenever you want, however you want, for whatever reason. In fact, it is not a matter of 100,000 fold return but of unlimited return… It is simply a matter of emerging the thought. Whether it is power, happiness, bliss or whatever, because the Lord Himself is yours, He will say, “Ji Hazzur!”. In the same way that servants are summoned with just one word, all attainments would be present with just one thought. In actual fact, when the Lord is yours, then all these are present. When the Seed is yours then so are the fruits.

This Baba is such a beloved that you have to surrender yourself to Him, because He is the Husband of all husbands, the Father of all fathers, the Highest of all. Baba is now awakening the children. Such a Father who makes you into the masters of heaven is so ordinary. He doesn’t have any arrogance.

The sign of Baba’s love is that Baba always says, “Haji.”

BapDada is always loving and obedient to His children. When children call, Baba comes and takes a similar form. Baba enters the body of another simply to fulfill the responsibility and relationship of love.

BapDada has obeyed the instructions of you masters and has come to meet you. HE cannot say, “No” to all you masters… because Baba has made the lesson of “Yes my Lord” very firm, Baba has come.

Who is the most powerful? The Father or you children? Who is the most powerful? Baba says: You first. If it was not for the children, what would Baba come to do in this world?

Baba comes in an impure world and enters an impure body with a lot of humility.

See how beautiful the temple of Somnath is and see where Baba is sitting now: in am impure body, in an impure world.

The Purifier Father is sitting in front of you. He is so humble. This one has no arrogance and lives in great simplicity. Bap and Dada are the servants of you children. You have two servants: Shiv Baba, the Highest-on-High and Prajapita Brahma.

Children say: We want to garland Baba. However, if you garland this one, your intellect’s yoga would go to him. Shiv Baba says: There is no need for a garland. Only you become worthy of worship and worshippers. You yourselves become worthy of worship and you yourselves become worshippers. Therefore you begin to worship your own images. Baba says: I neither become worthy of worship nor is there a need for flowers etc. Why should I wear those? This is why Baba never accepts a garland of flowers etc. You are becoming worthy of worship and so you can wear as many flowers as you want later. I am the most beloved obedient Father of you children. I am also your Teacher and your servant.

Baba is totally without ego. He says, “I am the servant who bows to you children” and yet the children consider themselves to be very elevated. You have to break away from this consciousness of the body.

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