Shivratri – India’s Greatest Festival

While there are many festivals celebrated within India, there are a few reasons why Shivratri is its greatest festival. Did you know: 

  1. Shivratri is the memorial of the incarnation of the incorporeal, Supreme Soul ‘Shiv’
  2. It is only in the praise of the Incorporeal Shiv that it is sung, ‘Shiv paramatmaya namah’ meaning Salutations to the Supreme Soul Shiv. All other gods and goddesses in the Hindu pantheon are referred to as ‘devi devatas’ or deities. That is why the prayer, Brahma devaya namah, Vishnu devaya namah, Shankar devaya namah…, ends with Shiv paramatmaya namah.
  3. The Incorporeal Supreme Soul Shiv is the ‘Beej’ or seed of the human genealogical tree, He is ‘Trimurti’ (meaning He is the creator of Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar), He is ‘Trikaldarshi’ and ‘Trilokinath’. This is the significance of the three lines on the Shivling.
  4. The Incorporeal Shiv is referred to by different names that signify His virtues and tasks such as ‘Gyansagar’ -Ocean of Knowledge, ‘Patit Pavan’ -Purifier, ‘Dukhharta, Sukhkarta’ -Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness and ‘Mukti, Jeevanmukti data‘ – Bestower of salvation and liberation in life. The names of the famous Shiv temples such as ‘Amarnath’, ‘Vishwanath’, ‘Somnath’, ‘Mahakaleshwar’ etc. are in fact names describing the qualities and the tasks of the Supreme Soul.
  5. The Incorporeal Shiv is worshipped in temples across India in the form of the Jyotirlingam or Shivling. It is also widely said that the deities Shri Ram and Shri Krishna worshipped Lord Shiv at Rameshwaram and Gopeshwar respectively.
  6. The Incorporeal Shiv has the form of a point of light (Jyoti Bindu). This is why the 12 famous Shiv temples across India are referred to as the Jyotirling Mutts.
  7. It is the Incorporeal Shiv that brings about destruction of the old, impure, iron aged world (through His creation Shankar), the establishment of the new, pure and golden aged world (through His creation Brahma) and provides sustenance (through His creation Vishnu).
  8. It is at the confluence of the end of the Iron-Age (Kaliyug) and the beginning of the Golden Age (Satyug) that the incorporeal Supreme Soul Shiv incarnates in a human medium (whom He names Brahma) to bestow the true spiritual knowledge of the Gita in order to re-establish the new world order.

The best part is that the Incorporeal Supreme Soul has incarnated and is here Now! The current world cycle is coming to the end of its span of 5000 years. There is very little time left to claim your inheritance of salvation and liberation in life from our Supreme Father. Learn how at a location near you.

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