God’s Message to His Children for MahaShivratri

The Benefactor Lord Shiv Speaks:

“My eternal children, dear human souls,

Now, the time of the transformation of this impure iron-aged sorrowful creation is here. Corruption, misdeeds and atrocities have reached an extreme. The urn of sins is full. Now, I the Incorporeal, Purifier Supreme Soul Shiv have re-incarnated to fulfill the task of world transformation.

Soon, the great destruction of this impure, old world will take place through natural calamities and wars and the gates of the pure, new, golden aged deity world will open.

There is only a little time left to claim your birthright of world sovereignty in this new world from Me, the Supreme Soul.

Therefore, obtain My accurate introduction and connect your intellect with Me, the Supreme Father and establish a loving relationship.”

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