The Right Way to Celebrate Shivratri

Devotees celebrate Shivratri by observing a fast and by staying awake all night because they believe that by doing so they will be able to please the Lord and become liberated from sorrow. But the real causes for human suffering are the five vices (Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego) and until one does not renounce these, the soul cannot be awakened and the Innocent Lord cannot be pleased. Lord Shiv is ‘Kamari’ (the enemy of lust, the greatest vice) and so how can He possibly be pleased with vicious human beings?

This Shivratri, let me make a promise to ourself and to the Lord that I will renounce the five vices and live a life of purity and happiness. Connecting with the Self and the Supreme through Rajayoga meditation can bring about this transformation in your life. Learn about and experience Rajayoga meditation for FREE at a location near you.

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