Babulnath – The Lord of Thorns

Baba has love for the thorns as well as the flowers.

The Father comes to make the forest of thorns into a garden of flowers. This is why He is called Babulnath, the Lord of the Thorns.

Shiva is also called Babulnath, the Lord of the Thorns, because He comes and liberates you from the sword of lust ad purifies you. He changes you from thorns into flowers. This world is called a forest of thorns because everyone keeps pricking one another with the vice of lust. The Golden Age is called the Garden of Allah.

Baba has now come to give you Paradise in the palms of His hands. The children didn’t know that Baba would come and give them this… Your task is to change thorns into flowers… You help each other but there must definitely be One who is the Royal Flower and can help each one to become this.

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