What’s Real about this Drama?

सब राज़ी खुशी हैं? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

So when we think of the word ‘Drama’, it by definition is something that is not real. It refers to a group of people enacting characters by wearing costumes. The actors play their parts and return home to their ‘real’ lives. We are actors too in this unlimited drama that spans 5000 years but when we return home, we don’t really have a ‘life’, per say, in the soul world. So then, what is my reality?

My reality is the experiences I have within the Drama. What I feel – happiness, joy, pain, sorrow – that’s real! When you think about it, even in a limited drama, while the drama itself is not real, the experiences the actors have while enacting their fictitious characters is. If they feel happy when playing a particular scene, that happiness is real…the scene is not, that’s just a movie. For example, consider a scene where the character I am playing is celebrating his birthday and needs to blow off candles on top a large cake. The character is fake, the birthday is fake and as is the cake but what I feel when I blow of those candles is still real – that memory stays with me, I take that home with me and tell my family and friends that I got to blow of candles in my scene today and that it was fun. I may not remember the color of the cake or even how many candles there were- that’s irrelevant but I will remember how I felt for a long time.

It’s the same concept here in our unlimited drama. How I feel every minute on the unlimited movie set is real and therefore is the ONLY thing that matters. The scene itself including what geography I am in, what clothes I wear, who my co-actors are, how big my home is etc. is simply irrelevant – that’s just the movie. What I feel is what leaves an imprint on the soul – it’s what guides how I feel in my next scene and the next! It’s what guides my every action which then creates a sanskar and sanskars or memories are all that I take back home with me!….It’s just like the movies.

And so, Baba reminds us to pay attention to what kinds of experiences I choose to have. I can’t control the movie set – what furniture there is or the costumes but I can choose to give a wonderful performance by thoroughly enjoying every moment. I can choose to neither give nor take sorrow. I can choose to not have waste or negative thoughts and most importantly, I can choose to ONLY take directions from my director rather than from every ‘wise’ person on the set. These choices will decide the kinds of experiences I have and what I return home with.

And guess what, Baba has already told us that according to the Drama script, the next scenes will be located in ‘heaven’ and will need happy actors. In others words, if I don’t have sanskars of happiness and purity, I don’t really have a scene to play in heaven. That’s no fun at all! Those are the only scenes where I get to play a royal character, a world sovereign no less – I’m not missing out on that. Hope you won’t either!

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