It is held that God knows the details of every atom and every thought in the universe.

It is because of God’s ultimate, pervasive knowledge that He can be described as an ocean whereas. It is through ignorance and lack of understanding that human souls enter into sorrow. Understanding this world does not necessarily mean to be aware of every detail of the movement of every single leaf or every single molecule. All that is required is to understand the conditions through which things pass.

God creates with knowledge. Being the wisest of all, He has the power to change the intellects of human souls. By imparting to us the knowledge of Himself, the Creator, and the beginning, the middle and the end of creation, we are able to appreciate this vast world drama, and our true qualities of love, peace and bliss are touched. The laws of nature automatically take care of the details of nature, as the law of cause and effect (karma) takes care of the details of human life. In order for Him to perform His work as Creator, it is not necessary for Him to listen to our every thought, our every secret. He is part of an eternal predestined drama that He did not create but in which He finds Himself the principal actor.

Thus He is the only altruistic server. Human actions, whether good or bad, are dictated by self-concern, whereas God has nothing to gain because He is complete in all requests. He is the perfect “blueprint” of spirituality. He alone has the right to give knowledge regardless of human arguments. His knowledge is purely spiritual.

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