Somnath – The Lord of Nectar

His original name is Shiva. They have also named Him Somnath. He gives the nectar of the wealth of knowledge.

The Father has now sprinkled nectar and made you die alive from the burning pyre of worries. He has revived you. It is said that God brought dead ones back to life. The Father gave you nectar and made you immortal. You were like corpses and look what you have now become! From corpses you have now become great. Previously you had no life and so it would be said that you were like corpses. You have now died alive and become special souls. You have become immortal instead of burning on the pyre. Previously, you used to hear that God brought the dead back to life, but you didn’t understand how He did it. You now understand that you yourselves have come back to life.

The Ocean of Knowledge has the nectar of knowledge.

He says: I am giving you nectar and making you immortal.

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