Parasnath – The Lord of Divinity

Baba is Parasnath, the Lord of Divinity

His birth activity are not as those of the human beings of this world. But they are divine and unique. As is His birth and as is His name: divine and alokik.

The Father says: The divine activities are not that of Krishna. The divine activities are of only the One. The praise of Shiv Baba is very unique. He is the One who constantly remains pure.

God comes and makes everyone into gods and goddesses. There is only one God. A kingdom of gods and goddesses is remembered.

He comes when He has to teach you children to make you into gods and goddeses. Apart from God, no one can give anyone the status of god or goddess.

The Father says: I come to make all of you worthy to be in a temple.

BapDada has made each child into an embodiment of divinity with a divine life, a divine intellect and divine words, one who performs divine actions…

Since Baba has given you the blessing of divine drishti and a divine intellect, ordinary things cannot enter the intellect.

God speaks: I make you into the king of kings. Kings worship Lakshmi and Narayan. I am the One who makes them worthy of worship.

He is making you into the lords of divinity. However, if you disobey Him, you become stone and lose the great fortune of claiming a kingdom.

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