Abhogta – Beyond the Effect of Action

The Father is Abhogta, He is beyond experiencing anything. It is human beings that do everything.

BapDada is beyond every action and its fruit. At this time, even Brahma Baba has this stage. Later, he will have karmic accounts, but at this time, he is equal to the Father. This is why whatever each one of you does, you do that for yourself. The Father is the Bestower. Since you yourself do everything and receive the fruit of that, then what should you do?

You bring grapes and mangoes for Shiv Baba, but Shiv Baba says: I am the One beyond experiencing. Everything is for you children. Devotees offer bhog and then distribute it amongst themselves to eat. I do not eat it.

Sages and holy men think that souls are immune to the effect of action. They think that everyone is the Supreme Soul. This would mean that there is alloy in the Supreme Soul! There can be no alloy mixed in the Supreme Soul. Baba asks: Is there really alloy mixed in Me? No! I always reside in Paramdham because I do not enter the cycle of birth and death.

People have said that the soul is the Supreme Soul and, because of this one mistake, they have accepted that the soul is immune to the effects of action. In fact, only the One Shiv Baba is immune from the effects of action, because He doesn’t have the experience of happiness or sorrow, of sweetness or bitterness. The soul says: such and such a thing is sweet or sour. The Father says: nothing affects Me. I am immune from such influences and impressions. I am the Ocean of Knowledge and I give you this knowledge.

The place where you souls reside and where Baba resides is the abode of souls. From there, you go to heaven that Baba is creating. Baba Himself doesn’t enter heaven. He Himself remains beyond sound in a state of retirement. There is no need of Him in heaven. He is beyond experiencing happiness and sorrow.

I am beyond happiness and sorrow. You experience sorrow and so you are the ones who experience happiness in Satyug. I remain sitting there in comfort for half a kalpa, in the stage of retirement. You continue to call out to Me. It isn’t that I really sit there, but My part is only at this time.

Do not accept facilities, but bestow as a bestower. By accepting some type of support of any service or facility for yourself, you can experience temporary self-progress or success in service. However, through that, you would be great today, but would thirst for that greatness tomorrow. You would constantly want some attainment; you would want some name or fame and through that, you won’t be able to become ignorant of desires. Baba is beyond name, form and fame. Therefore, the greatest praise is of Him. The perfect fruit of one elevated action will come to you hundred-fold, so you should be ignorant of any temporary desire. When you renounce something, fortune will automatically follow.

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