Vishwa Kalyankari – The World Benefactor

Baba is the Benefactor. He advises you for your own benefit. Benefit has to be brought to everyone in the whole world.

God is the Benefactor, He brings benefit to all. But how and what benefit He brings is not known.

As Baba is the Unlimited World Benefactor, there is only one thought, “Let there be immediate benefit for all.” This is the foundation, the seed of Baba’s thought. In Baba’s words, there is always a variety of yuktis for His children. In His eyes, there is always a searchlight for the benefit for His children. On His forehead, there is the remembrance of His Benefactor children in the form of a jewel. Every action is a benevolent one.

Baba has taken up a great responsibility. On whom is the burden of the entire world?

Shiv Baba says: I have come after five thousand years. I have to come at the confluence age to fulfill My duty. All the human beings of the world in general and the people of Bharat in particular are very unhappy now. According to the Drama, I make Bharat happy.

There is only the remembrance of the inheritance in Baba’s heart. In the heart of a physical father too, there is the remembrance of the inheritance. He remembers that he will give an inheritance to His children. If he doesn’t have a son, he is confused and wonders who he should give it to; he then adopts a child. Baba is sitting here and His vision is drawn toward the souls of the whole world. It is on all the human beings of the world because He has to take the whole world beyond. Baba remembers all of His children. Although His vision is drawn to everyone, not everyone studies.

The whole world is Baba’s family, it is His field of activity because for Baba, all the children are Baba’s children. For Him, everyone is His child and He has to give a handful to each and every one. He doesn’t grant them an inheritance, but He does give them a handful, a little.

The parlokik Father says: I have come to fulfill My duty with the help of you children.

They are crying out in front of the Father in their own language. Give us peace! Give us love! Give us love from Your heart! Show us rays of happiness! How would the Father give this? He would only give this through you children, would He not?

As is Baba’s name, so is the children’s name, that of being a World Benefactor. As is Baba’s form, so is the children’s form. As are Baba’s virtues, so are the children’s virtues. As is Baba’s task, so is the children’s task.

The Unlimited Father loves the children so much! To the extent that you do service according to shrimat, you accordingly receive love.

The Father says: When I am with you children, everyone benefits.

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