Sena Pati – The Marshal

Just as a marshal has all the maps of what is happening, where it has to happen and what has to happen in the future, in the same way, Baba has many plans and is discussing with the special children about the task of establishment.

The total chart of faith, emotions, love and service of all the children reaches BapDada. Just as the governors of the old world have a map of the complete area and a chart of their army, so too, Baba has a map of every place of service and a chart of those serving there. And so, even while sitting in one location, the chart of each place and each server, the method of service and the speed of efforts are visible at all times. There is a vision, as well, of the stages that each child passes through within the complete day and whether they maintain one stable stage or whether there are a variety of stages.

When the military go to war, their duty is to fight the enemy. The military is also called in when there are floods or some upheaval… If someone doesn’t obey, he would be shot. The government’s orders have to be obeyed. The Father says: You are also bound to do service. You should immediately be ready to do service wherever the father asks you to do so. If you don’t accept this, you are not counted as part of this military. Such ones are unable to sit in the Father’s heart. You are receiving the orders of the Highest-on-High Government, the unlimited Father, whose right hand is Dharamraj. If you don’t follow His Shrimat, you fall. Shrimat says: Make your eyes civil. Have the courage to conquer lust. These are Baba’s orders. If you don’t follow them, you will become totally crushed.

There will definitely be victory for the side that has God, the Almighty Authority, personally with them. The Father would not make you commit violence, would He? To kill someone is violence. The greatest violence is to use the sword of lust.

Seeing the effort of His children on the battlefield BapDada is donating vibrations of might from afar, that is to say, He is giving the signal, “Do it this way!” Whilst some children catch the signal and so become successful, others are so busy in their efforts that they miss it completely. They do not have time to notice it!

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