Is Bharath Independent Yet?- Part I

Is Bharath really independent? Who is Bharath’s real enemy? Who is the true ‘Bapu’ who will liberate Bharath from its enemy and who are His helpers marching with Him?

Essence: Sweet children, you have to do the service of making Bharat pure with your mind, body and wealth. You have to liberate this Bharat from Maya, Raavan.

Song: You are the Mother and Father.

Om shanti.

You children heard the song. You children know that you are personally sitting in front of the Purifier, the Mother and Father. You are following Shrimat in order to make impure Bharat pure, because you children are in the service of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. The Father too is in this service. You children know that Bharat really was pure and that it has now become impure. It bas been 5000 years since the new world came into existence. People of the world don’t know any of these things. You children are now following the Father’s Shrimat and serving Bharat through your mind, body and wealth.

You are liberating Bharat from the chains of Maya, Raavan, and establishing the kingdom of Rama.

You can explain to anyone that we have come to purify impure Bharat and so we definitely have to become pure.

All the quarreling is over purity. There is one difficulty or another. Their war is of violence whereas your war is with Raavan in the form of the five vices. You know that you have been following Shrimat every cycle. At this time the whole world is following the dictates of Raavan. By following Shrimat you become deities, those with divine directions. You now belong to the Brahmin clan. You make the whole world pure from impure.

The unlimited Father comes to the children. You children say that you are once again making Bharat into the divine kingdom with your mind, body and wealth. At the beginning of the golden age, Bharat was a pure kingdom. We are establishing our divine kingdom, just as the Congress Party got together and helped (to gain independence). Gandhi Bapu served through his body, mind and wealth. He also’ had to go to prison, and so that was serving through his body. His mind was also engaged in that.

You know that the Father is now liberating you from Maya, Raavan.

This One is the unlimited Father whereas that one was the Bapuji (father) of Bharat. He was not the father of everyone. In fact an elderly person is called bapuji. A major is also called bapuji. There are many fathers. Your Father is only one and none other. There is only one unlimited Bapu, Shiv Baba. He is present in the service of making Bharat pure. He must surely have come in someone’s body. He must also have helpers; He wouldn’t do this alone. You are the Shiv Shakti Army. It is very easy for you to explain.

Those of the Congress Party also had to tolerate a great deal. Innocent women were put in prison. It was the men who endured the most suffering. You mothers now have to endure a lot of suffering because of poison. You can explain that the Father has come to create a new world and that, first of all, Brahmins are needed. You Brahmins, the mouth-born creation of Brahma, become divine, that is you become the children of Vishnu. It should remain in your intellect that you truly are Baba’s helpers.

Hundreds of thousands have to follow Shrimat.

Even Bapu Gandhi had a large army. Among them there were good, well known ones and some who were ordinary. That Bapu liberated you from the British. Baba is now giving you children Shrimat in order to liberate you from the enemy Raavan. Just as they used to say that they are establishing their self sovereignty, so it is in your intellect that you are establishing the divine sovereignty by following Shrimat. You have to take Shrimat at every step. It is through Shrimat that you will become elevated.

You each have your own karmic accounts. In order to attain the karmateet stage, you have to make effort till the end. You haven’t attained your karmateet stage yet; you still have to make a lot of effort. The karmateet stage is such that even the body doesn’t experience suffering. An old body will suffer till the end. It is not that anyone has become perfect. The suffering of karma has to be settled. Until you reach your karmateet stage, the storms of Maya and the suffering of your karmic accounts will continue to come. You should not worry about them. Simply remember the Father.

Baba says: Become soul conscious. These words have been remembered from this time. Human beings don’t know the meaning of this. You now know that by becoming soul conscious, you can become detached and remember the Father. You now have to become soul conscious. You have to make effort: I am a soul and I am remembering the Father. Whom would you remember by saying that He is omnipresent?

Baba has explained that you do not have to go anywhere for peace.

You have to continue to perform actions. You have to practice being bodiless: I am a soul and these are my organs. The original religion of the soul is peace. We do not need a band to play. Sanyasis do hatha yoga and breathing exercises. They practice different exercises while sitting in a hole in the ground. Here, there is no question of hatha yoga. You simply have to understand knowledge. No one knows the knowledge of God, the Father. They say that God, the Father, is omnipresent. That is called false knowledge.

You now know the Father. The Father of All is One. He comes and makes the impure world pure. You are the Father’s helpers. You are becoming pure from impure and will then go to the pure world. There, there is the pure divine kingdom. You are studying Raja Yoga for the pure world.

He becomes your Teacher and gives you the knowledge of the world cycle, through which you become spinners of the discus of self-realization and then kings and queens, rulers of the globe.

You have to maintain this stage while living at home with your family. You have to tolerate a great deal. The mothers are beaten so much. Many obstacles are created in this sacrificial fire by devils. Innocent ones are assaulted for vice. People of the Congress Party were put in prison. Whereas you are imprisoned in the bondage of Kans and Jarasandha etc. You do have to tolerate a little. Of those who become pure you (mothers) are in the majority. Yes, if some men are weak, they have to tolerate their wife.

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