Indra – The God of Rain- The Lord of the Angels

This is the court of Indra. Indra is Shiv Baba who showers the rain of knowledge

Baba comes and rains the rain of knowledge on you children who had been burnt away by sitting on the pyre of lust in the kingdom of Ravan. He benefits everyone. Just as when the rain falls on dry land, grass begins to grow, in the same way, because you had no rain of knowledge, you had become totally impoverished.

When you become ugly by sitting on the pyre of lust, it is then that the Father comes and says: I have come once again to rain the nectar of knowledge.

The Father is the Ocean of Knowledge. He continues to shower this knowledge so much!

This is the court of Indra. Baba strictly forbids you to secretly bring impure ones here.

There is the story of the angel that secretly brought someone impure in the court of Indra. No impure human being has the right to sit in this gathering. However, under some circumstances, they have to be allowed to sit here.

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