Giving Happiness…

There is Godly magic in Baba’s words. What God can do, no human being can do. There should be such faith that the highest on high is teaching. Any tests are nothing because God is sitting next to us. No account of sin should accumulate on your head. You should fly in a second. Whilst coming close to Baba the soul becomes bodiless. Become so bodiless that you are just lost in light. The Satguru takes you beyond with a glance. If for any reason there is distress, just emerge Baba’s vision on you. There is peace in that pure thought and you become lost in that incognito happiness. People should ask you why you have such unlimited happiness. Seeing your fortune everyone should want that fortune. To give knowledge isn’t enough, you have to give happiness.

Give so much happiness that people come running. Our life should reflect that we’ve found the Father. They should have love for the maryadas on seeing our life. All you should want is cleanliness and vibrations of true love. If you’re weak people will give you anything, but no one should consider us ordinary. Have the thought to become an elevated Brahmin. No one should be upset with you. If you’ve done anything to upset someone, apologize so that the vibration doesn’t spread. Don’t give sorrow to anyone, but give happiness.

Do the service that comes in front of you, and be so content, that there are no complaints. Complaints about others are really about your own self. Baba is so light with everyone. Baba has given so much peace and love, so why not be like Baba and give to others? When the heart is clean Baba will know what the heart desires. In remembrance, there is the power of purity. When the heart is clean you are drawn to have remembrance, then you can draw power from Baba. Churn the ocean of knowledge so that whatever service you do, this gives happiness.

We have to ask ourselves if we are content with ourselves and our efforts. Real effort is such that we receive Baba’s help with those efforts. Be constantly ever-ready to go home. When there isn’t attachment to the body, the satyug sanskar of adopting and leaving the body easily will emerge. Baba would speak and merge his thoughts, he wouldn’t go into expansion. Only Baba’s words should be remembered and spoken.

These are the things that will help us in the final moments. Everything that is given in the yagya should be used in a worthwhile way. Those who allow loss lose their status. If there isn’t cleanliness, what good is a nice home? The mind and body should be clean, and we should use wealth in the right way, not just store it away. Maintain attention and have the intoxication of who you belong to, then Baba will look after you. This is the Father’s yagya, so there shouldn’t be carelessness in looking after it.

The more we inculcate Baba’s teachings, we see the benefit of that in our lives.

By Dadi Prakashmani ji

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