Practice Putting a Full Stop in a Second

In order to control the intellect, you have to keep yourself light in many things. The lightest of all is the soul. Whenever you want to control yourself make yourself completely light and stabilize yourself in the point-form. In order to have control, you have to put a full stop and so you also have to put a dot. Completely forget everything that is the past. You saw something, you did something so then, completely finish it. To finish it means to put a full stop.

If you are unable to control your thoughts in any situation, you definitely lack the petrol of knowledge and, therefore, always keep the tank of the intellect full. Also learn how to add and subtract and keep your balance sheet. Do not be content with just adding and taking away, but also learn how to accumulate.

In the memorial, it is shown that Arjuna did not have his vision on the fish, but on the pupil of the eye. The fish is the expansion and the point is the essence. So, do not look at the expansion, but see the essence, that is, see the point. Whenever you see the expansion of anything, you have to face obstacles whereas when you see the essence, your stage becomes that of the point-form. So, see but do not see the expansion, hear but do not listen.

Earlier, there was the time when you gave freedom to your thoughts and only paid attention to your words and actions, but there should now be no upheaval even in your mind because the final thing is world transformation through your thoughts. The time has now changed and the speed of effort has changed. So, you need to put a full stop to your thoughts. Let there be attention paid to your thoughts.

You think of something trivial over and over and make it big. Therefore, do not give hospitality to your thoughts. Why did this come? Why did this happen? The paper came and so you have to pass it. Judge between waste and best in a second and finish it in a second. Become a judge, not a lawyer. A lawyer extends a small case and a judge gives the judgment of “yes” or “no” in a second.

If others have thoughts arising from any of my activities, then, where is the loss in my molding myself? You will still receive blessings from everyone, therefore, do not go into “Why?” or “What?”, but just put a full stop. Now, spread this specialty everywhere like a lighthouse.

Whatever happens is benevolent. Finish all questions and just put a full stop. Do not use your intellect a lot for this, otherwise your energy will be spent and you will not experience yourself to be powerful. A question mark is difficult to write, but to put a full stop is easy. So, why do you leave something easy and try to do what is difficult? You waste your energy in this and with a full stop, your life will become the best.

Come into sound one moment and go beyond sound the next – do you experience such controlling power and ruling power in yourself? Have thoughts and go into expansion when you want and merge all expansion with a full stop when you want. Be equal in your powers of starting and stopping.

 Put a dot, a full stop, to everything that has happened until now. Constantly have the awareness of the dot. On special days, people specially apply a tilak of their suhaag (being wed), of their fortune and of congratulations. On the day of a bhatthi of special remembrance, you also apply a tilak of determined thoughts. In the same way, whatever you are lacking in, in order to finish that, put a dot of the full stop and of your powerful form with determined thoughts.

The things that people of the world consider to be difficult are not only easy for you elevated souls, but they are very easy because you are master almighty authorities. People of the world wonder how something will happen and they wander around physically and also in their intellects in that state of confusion, whereas what do you say? Not “How?”, but “Like this”. “How?” means a question mark and “Like this” means a full stop.

 The Father is the Dot, you souls are dots and in order to imbibe the knowledge of the drama, finish whatever has happened, that is, put a full stop. God, soul and the play of matter, that is, the drama –the knowledge of all three is experienced in your life in the form of a point. Just as firemen engage themselves in putting out the fire and do not question what happened or how it happened, in the same way, the duty of your spiritual servers is to engage yourself in spiritual service.

Where there is a margin for having waste thoughts or doubts, constantly have the powerful thought that the Father is always your Protector and your Benefactor. There is definitely victory in faith. So, do not take the crooked path of the question mark, but constantly apply the dot of benefit: full stop! With this method, everything will be easy and you will attain success.

Say stop and you are able to stop. The full brake should be applied, not only lightly. If the brake is slack, the car would stop a little further away from where the brake is applied. So, the brake should be powerful and there should also be controlling power. If it takes longer than a second, the power of accommodating is weak. Do your mind and intellect work as you want them to or do they take time?

In the end, the question in the final paper will be to put a full stop in a second and you will receive a number on the basis of: “The Father and I and nothing else”. If you ask, “What happened?” or “Why did this happen?” you will have failed.

When anything happens, you have the knowledge of “Nothing new!” and that every scene is being repeated many times. With the awareness of “Nothing new!” you will never come into upheaval. You will always remain unshakeable and immovable. If something new happens, you will be surprised – does this also happen? With “Nothing new”, there are no questions, but instead you are able to put a full stop. Those who know how to put a full stop can pass fully.

Put the full stop of the drama to actions, relationships and connections. Put a full stop to the past and your treasures will continue to increase. Become a detached observer in a second, consider any problem to be a side scene, consider any storm to be a gift and overcome it. As you progress further, this practice will be very essential. Put a full stop and become stable in your fully powerful stage and the problem will remain down below. You will then observe the problem from up above as a side scene.

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