Dhobi – The Laundryman

The Father has to come and wash the dirty impure clothes. It is the soul that becomes dirty.

God washes the dirty impure clothes.

Baba says: I am such a good laundryman! I make your clothes, you souls and your bodies so pure and clean.

The Father says: I am also called the Laundryman. I come and cleanse all the souls and you then receive pure new bodies. The Father says: I wash all the clothes of the whole world in just a second. By simply being manmanabhav, both soul and body become pure.

I wash the dirty clothes. He is definitely a great Laundryman. You souls are washed with knowledge and yoga. He washes all the souls and the bodies of the whole world.

Baba is the Laundryman and you are His helpers… When worn out clothes are beaten with a stick, they completely tear apart. Here, too, when souls are beaten with the stick of knowledge, they completely break into pieces. Some clothes are so dirty that it takes a long time to clean them.

If a laundryman has clothes that are really too dirty to wash, the when he beats them with a stick, they tear apart. Here too, when they are unable to tolerate a beating, they leave. Having come into God’s lap, if you disobey Him directly, there will have to be punishment.

You can see that Baba beats the dirty clothes with a stick and therefore, some cry and leave and others stay dirty.

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