The Soul and Three Fathers

सब राज़ी खुशी है? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

Once upon a time there was a lovely soul, complete with all virtues,16 celestial degrees pure and completely viceless. He was a prince of a kingdom called ‘Heaven’ that spanned the entire world. His life was filled with happiness, joy, zeal and celebration. When anyone asked him about his inheritance, he would point to his father, the king of Heaven and say that he got it from him and thank him. They were a happy family and the citizens of this kingdom were in turn happy as well- they has many of the same virtues as the royal family, were self-sufficient and content.

2,500 years passed and the population had grown slowly but steadily during this time. What used to belong to one person now had to be divided among a few and so they started to grumble. The vision of brotherly love they once shared changed into one of competition. What used to be ‘we’ and ‘ours’ was now ‘I’ and ‘mine’; consequently, happiness and contentment gave way to anxiety and insecurity.

Caught in this web of fear and unhappiness, the soul called out to the One above whom he only remembered as The Benevolent One, The Protector, The Liberator and Guide. He couldn’t remember His name, His form or place of residence but simply that He is the Ocean of Love and Kindness and that He is the only One that could help. He remembered Him as The Father, The Supreme Father.

As the population continue to explode and the resources became scarcer, the condition of the world deteriorated even more. People didn’t hesitate to even kill each other to increase their own share of the pie. Son killed father and brothers fought with each other over their right to the inheritance. Now everyone started to call out to the one above but each one remembered Him in different forms, established religions and rituals in an effort to please Him and gratify themselves, spoke different languages. Consequently, there was confusion created around whose way was the right way and even who was the right God! Thus lost and bankrupt spending on various rituals, the soul filled with darkness that mirrored that of the world, wandered far and wide….searching for the only One who he believed could liberate him.

Then one day, he stumbled upon a wise, kind and peaceful soul who called herself a Brahma Kumari, a daughter of Brahma. “Oh”, said the soul, “so you are the daughter of the creator Himself!” She smiled with a lot of love and replied, “Yes, I am but Brahma is not the creator. He is simply the chariot that the true Creator uses to create the world. And so, Yes, I am the daughter of the One Creator- the Incorporeal Shiva, the Supreme Father, the Benevolent One but I am also the daughter of Brahma because it is through him that I am born.” “Ah!” said the soul, “I remember now. I remember who gave me my inheritance, who made me into the prince that I was. I remember how and why I lost all I had. My Father is here again now to help me regain all that I have lost. How fortunate I am!”

And so the soul shared his story of the three fathers with others, his own brothers and sisters, who were also lost and tired looking for peace, love and happiness just as he had.

So how many fathers do you have?

शिवबाबा को याद कर
जी भर उसको प्यार कर
साँसो को abad कर ले मेरे माना…

आया है ले के झूमती बहारे
रिमजिम बरसती स्नेह की फव्वारे
रंग निराला है रूप सलोना
दिल चाहे उस से जुदा कब न होना
अब ना इंतजार कर, बैठ न हिम्मत हार कर
प्रभु का तू दीदार कर ले मेरे माना

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