Transfer the Old, Prepare for the New

सब राज़ी खुशी है? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

Baba says remember the new world and forget the old and so what does that involve? When Baba says forget the old world, He mentions one more important aspect and that is that in the new world, everything is new.

When one is scheduled to move from one home into another, there are a few things that are typically done. We decide what things from the current home we need to take to the new home and then pack those things securely to avoid any cracks or scratches during the move. The things we decide we no longer need, we donate to a charity. In the case of the new world though, Baba says everything is new and in facts confirms that even if we wanted to, we are not allowed to take anything old there with us, it’s quite unacceptable. So that means no packing anything that belongs here – none of the old habits, fears, anxieties or vices can go there with us. This also implies that we cannot donate our old items to anyone else considering they won’t need it there either. In fact donating sorrow or vices to others through our interactions with them or even having impure or disempowering thoughts about others would be doing a disservice. Baba says each one of us is creating a new life for the new world and so that means a new way of living – one that is free from sorrow, free from vices and full of virtues. And so packing or holding on to these things would mean creating an obstacle in the move.

While it’s great that we won’t need any of the old things in the new world, how do we go about stocking up on the new things we need? All of these new things such as constant happiness, peace, powers and virtues come with a cost. Additionally, you get what you pay for and so the more you can pay, the stronger, longer lasting quality you get. The way to be able to pay for it is by insuring all the old things we have with Baba. He is the Insurance Magnate and is the only True Trustee. He takes all the old and unwanted items we give him, converts it into top quality and transfers that to our name for us to use in the new world. He does not keep anything for Himself, earns no commission or fees but serves altruistically as only He can. And so all I do to insure is to transfer everything I have to His name with my intellect. That means I ask for His direction at every step, I ask His permission before I use or spend anything. It is for such children He says that He considers Himself responsible. The more I make Baba my world now, the more beautiful He makes the new world for me. As Baba reminds us, every one of His children will go to the new world and experience happiness but not everyone will be king – it is a kingdom that is being established and we each earn our place.

And during the time we are still here in the old home waiting for the new home to be ready to move in to, Baba tells us not to bother with fixing up the old home. Instead, transfer it all to Him and free yourself from the debt. There’s bound to be leaks and cracks and the paint is almost all washed off but Baba says, this is not something I should be investing time and resources in fixing. It’s an old home, everything here is old and squeaky and rather than get entangled in something that will soon collapse, think about and plan for the new home, He says. If I don’t transfer everything now, I will never be able to afford the new and will be left with nothing.

So when there is that obstacle in the form of my own or someone else’s sanskar or when I witness events that cause sorrow, people behaving a certain way, rather than question it or worry about it, let me remember to free myself by simply transferring these attractions and attachments to the old world in exchange for the keys to move into the new home as soon as possible. This is the farsightedness that Baba is counting on from His children which will then bring the new world closer.

If I spend time questioning the leaks and cracks today, I might still be here when the roof caves in.

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