What is my responsibility?

सब राज़ी खुशी है? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

Baba reminds us that this is the valuable confluence age where we meet Him, God Himself practically. And not just meet but He tells us that He comes especially to serve us. “If you remember Me alone and make me your world, I become responsible for you”, He says. I know my helpers and I give them the kingdom of the world. So what is the help He wants from me? If He is responsible for everything including me then what is it that He needs from me? As it turns out, He needs me to allow Him to be responsible for me.

He needs me to simply step out of the way and let Him drive.

letgoI let Him drive by following His instructions at every step. By taking His guidance for every task, by staying within His code of conduct. When I do this, He is responsible for my success at every step, for my well-being and happiness. And so if I am experiencing confusion, discontentment or unhappiness at any point, it’s because I have taken hold of the wheel and have started to drive. In other words, I am mixing the dictates of my own mind with His instructions. The way therefore to prevent this from happening is to always follow just the One and that in turn requires three things: (1) deep faith in and awareness of the fact that it is God who is teaching me. (2) to have all my relationships with just Him, to belong to Him with all my heart and finally I need what is a foundational requirement, (3) an honest and clean heart. Without being honest with Him, I will not be able to love Him and belong to Him in all my relationships. I will also not be able to catch his guidance or His instructions when He gives them to me at every step. That’s what leads to confusion, to a scenario of not being sure if what I am thinking is what He wants me to do or if this is a dictate of my own mind.

As He says, this path or this study is simple really if we would just stop complicating it. I really have to do nothing other than simply listen, watch and copy Him. He has immense faith in me, in my ability to reach my true potential, to become equal to Him. And to this end, He practically does everything for me – from taking care of my daily welfare by providing my daily bread, a home and a Godly family to working with the Drama to give me the tasks that will teach me something I need to learn to move forward. He is there to pick me up when I stumble and help me take my next step. He is right here with me with my every breath. In return, all I need to do is simply experience His presence, enjoy His wonderful company and soak in His love.

He did say liberation in life in a second, didn’t He?

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