Getting to Know God

सब राज़ी खुशी है? (“Is everyone happy?”) यह भी कोई पूछने की बात है? (“Is this even something to ask?”) Accha! बाबा याद हैं?

Baba says, remember Me accurately. The One whom devotees have been worshipping for ages, for whom renunciates have been performing intense penance hoping for even just a glimpse, whom scholars have been trying to understand…is with us. He finds us from different parts of the world right at home without us having to do any tough penance. We, He reminds us, are His children – not devotees, not anyone else but His own children. Having taken birth after birth in this mortal world, we had forgotten ourselves and Him. He comes to remind us and then take us back home with Him. But before He can take us back, He teaches us the method to become pure, to return to our original state. That method is to simply remember Him as He is.

How hard could it be to remember my own Father? Baba answers that by telling us that among His children, there are only a few that really get to know and understand Him as He is. And how can anyone remember someone they don’t know well accurately! So then what is the way to get to know Him?

Baba is the Incorporeal One and therefore not someone I can see with my eyes and so getting to know Him is to experience Him. The first step to experiencing Him is to keep all relationships with Him. This does not mean that I simply remind myself “Baba, You are my Father, Teacher and Satguru”. It requires the intellect to accept that Baba is really the true Father of I, the soul.  He is the true Teacher that teaches me the true knowledge and my true Guru who guides me through life’s trials. It’s about involving Him in everything big or small just as I would a bodily relation. And this acceptance becomes easier when I realize and accept the fact that bodily relations don’t last forever and are mostly dysfunctional, prone to attachment and expectations. As it turns out, in addition to forgetting who we are, we also forgot how to truly live relationships. He comes and shows us by fulfilling all our relationships and it is through living my life with Him as my constant Companion that I feel and experience His presence in my life, I experience His co-operation, His friendship, His guidance at every step and start to understand how He thinks, how He is.

But that is still Him and me. Is there an even more intimate way of getting to know Him? Every day, Baba speaks the Murli and in it He gives us instructions of how to live – everything from what time to wake up to what and how to eat, what to do, not to do, what and how to speak.  He teaches us manners, meaning of love and relationships and is then available to provide very specific guidance for specific situations. While I experience His love while He teaches and guides, I go a step further and actually do everything He asks me to do. I do it with the faith in Who it is that is teaching me. As I surrender and become an embodiment of His teachings in my thoughts, words and actions, I become more and more like God Himself. What He teaches is what He is, the Murli is the only tangible form of Baba. And so as I become more like Him, I experience first-hand what He is like and others get that experience through me. And this is exactly what Brahma Baba did too. He followed Baba’s instructions so much so that towards the end of His physical existence, it was hard to distinguish between him and Baba.

Come to think of it, isn’t this also what true love is? Being able to reveal the beloved through my own face and behaviour, my being. It certainly is the way to get to know Him as He is.

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