Making Spiritual Friendships

string-of-heart-flower-stem-pink-lGenerally there are two types of friendship: one that nurtures and supports; another that is based on selfishness and gossip.

We all need friends who support us spiritually, that is, friends who support our greatness.

Spiritual friends are never fooled or adversely affected by negativity. While accepting others as they are, they maintain the awareness of the potential of each one. They believe in others and see each with a steady attitude of respect, faith and patience, no matter what.

Spiritual friendship is possible only when we don’t depend on others for love and approval. This happens as we learn to make our relationship with the Supreme our source of strength and well-being.

The connection with the Supreme enables goodness to flow unconditionally. We begin to share peace and love, not according to merit, but because it is our very nature to do so.

The opposite of spiritual friendship is dependency in which a subtle bargaining occurs: “I will love you if you love me.” Spiritual friendship is free of such deceptive games of give and take.

Spiritual friends are ‘in-dependent’; turned inwards and able to depend on themselves as a source of well-being. This makes it possible for them to keep giving, rather than taking, and so become a true friend to themselves, and others.

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