Serving, not taking

When we lose our connection to God’s love and peace we feel empty and, consciously or unconsciously, the need to fill that emptiness becomes the motivation behind much of what we do.

Ultimately, we turn to the material world, using people and things in an attempt to fill the void within. This makes us into ‘takers’- beggars of life, always looking for ways to get more for ourselves.

Taking is behind the real meaning of sin, or the mistakes of the soul. Trying to get from others what only God can provide is to ‘mis(s)’ the right place to take from. This ‘mis(s)-taking’ is contrary to our original, inner capacity for sovereignty.

The opposite of sin is spiritual charity, which means pure, altruistic giving. This begins to happen automatically, as the soul remembers its truth and forges a relationship with the Supreme. We then flow like a river, becoming tireless, unconditional servers.

Spiritual charity like this transforms us from beggars into kings, the self-sovereigns, the true children of God.

Self-transformation at this level leads to world transformation.

The world truly can, and will, change. However, only when we truly change, first.

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