Developing Pure Pride

Pure pride is not ego. Ego comes from identifying too strongly with the roles we play.

Ego weakens the truth: we become overly sensitive to other people’s opinions and are easily offended. Ego makes us judgemental; it runs an often unconscious mental tape of comments, criticisms and corrections, which distances us from others. If nothing keeps our ego in check, the heart begins to harden, making us more and more selective and prejudiced, closing us off from people and life.

Pure pride on the other hand is the result of exploring our spiritual heritage. It is based on the experience of being a soul, a child of God. As peace and love flow from the Supreme to us, the souls. His children, the flame of pure pride is re-ignited.

When we operate from pure pride, well-being is internally based; it is self-generated. This creates a new sense of inner security and comfort, which allows us to be more relaxed in life. We are no longer so easily affected by the moods and opinions of others. There is less effort in being with each other. We find ourselves naturally opening up to people, able to accept them as they are, genuinely interested in their well-being. There are feelings of compassion and it is easy to come close. We also become gentle.

When such feelings are again experienced by the heart, and not just simply understood by the head, our values begin to clarify and reaffirm themselves automatically. We are able to discern right from wrong and actually do what is right.

We become free from external influences and behave in a way that reflects the best in us.

Pure pride is simply an experience of self-respect, to a degree that we would, before, never even have imagined possible.

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