How can I maintain good relationships with others?

To start with, avoid thinking that you cannot get along with someone because of their personality.

Humility and the genuine feeling of wanting to learn from others are very effective in creating harmony. (As opposed to thinking that you are here to teach them!)

The more spirituality there is in your relationships, the easier it is to have good interactions, constantly.

An awareness of your own spiritual identity fills your character with beauty and spirituality. This becomes a basis for good moods, good feelings about yourself, and even for a good atmosphere and vibration around you.


 Self-respect is essential for good relationships.

It is developed by cultivating a spiritual awareness of yourself and raising your thinking to the level where it can tune to God.

 It is easy to remain in a state of self-respect when you spend a lot of time like this, up above, with God.

Self-respect is not developed by coming down, again and again, from your divine state of inner dignity, in reaction to negative forces (external and internal).

 Be very cautious of being affected, or influenced, by anything. If you are so affected, repeatedly, it means that there is some weakness in you.

 It means that you are still looking to be supported by something external to the self.

This is not an aspect of self-respect. It is not true to your inherent dignity.

The inherent dignity of each, based on self-sovereignty, is the true foundation of harmony in relationships.

 Harmonizing Personalities

Harmonizing our personalities is the greatest challenge we face.

Three qualities which allow us to best rise to this challenge are love, mercy and forgiveness.

 First and foremost to our own self.

 Be merciful and forgive your own self… and with love, forget the things of the past and move forward.

 Then you will be able to have real feelings of mercy and love for others.

This is the way to truly be of help to others.

 Helping Others

True help does not mean empathizing with the suffering of others to such an extent that you lose your own happiness.

 Be careful of this.

Our duty is to maintain a healthy inner state of being constantly, so that no matter what the state of those around us, our influence is the stronger one bringing them into happiness, too.

 God’s Help

 It takes courage to remain forgiving, loving and merciful.

Simply by being clear that this is your responsibility, invokes the help of God.

Then, because God, the One who is called the Remover of Sorrow is with you, the sorrow of others is easily removed.

 The Bestower of Peace and Happiness is your Father.

It is His power which removes the sorrow and bestows the happiness. These qualities of His will reach others through you.

 This is the continuous effort of one with a true heart. It makes you a true instrument in God’s task.

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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