Sometimes people are not open to being touched by humility.
They do not yet understand its power, and so they
take advantage of your attitude, thinking you are weak.

If this is the case, then the first thing to remember is
that it is your duty to help people….

And in this, it is important to be tireless in your giving.
So, on the one hand, never give up, never completely stop,
because one day they will definitely understand,
they will definitely take your help.

However, on the other hand,
it is equally as important
to assess how worthy they are
of your donation.

Understanding the value of what you are giving is a first step,
understanding the one to whom you are giving is the second.

If they have no value for what they are being given,
it is as though what you are giving is going to waste.

You need wisdom to understand these two things:
the value of what you are giving
and the extent to which the other person is taking benefit.

If you are giving in full, but they are just throwing it aside,
what is the point in giving to that degree?

Humility does not mean to waste your resources.

Humility means to have the wisdom
to understand the power of your resources

And give accordingly.

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