Is there really a perfect self? How is it achieved?

Let’s start by imagining a diamond. In order to get a diamond to sparkle, the first thing you have to do is clean it.

The same principle applies to us.

Originally, the soul was like a pure diamond.

In order to see that original sparkle restored, the debris that has accumulated on the soul first has to be removed.

 Debris means the mistakes we have made. These sit in the soul like flaws in a diamond.

Perfection is about removing the flaws in the soul.

However, there is more to it than that.

Beyond removing the falsehood from the soul, perfection is about inculcating Truth.

It is Truth that makes the soul sparkle.


Truth is purity in reality.

What do we mean by purity?

Purity means being honest to your highest self.

It means developing such deep honesty that God Himself is attracted and that attraction becomes visible through you.

Truth means purity to this degree, in everyday life.

 Your whole way of being becomes based on this ultimate degree of honesty- to your self, God and to others.

 This kind of honesty- complete, absolute and of the highest order- is real, and it makes you real, too.

This is a very important aspect because it is only honesty to this degree that removes the mistakes, or flaws, from the soul.

 The Hearts of Others

Another aspect of perfection is the effect of your mistakes on others. This has to be removed.

It is one thing to be honest with the self and God, to acknowledge your mistakes on both levels and to feel good about having been honest from within…

But it is another thing to remove your mistakes from the hearts of others. That takes a lot of honesty!

Even more than to takes to be honest with your own self or God. Why?

Because often people are less afraid of God than they are of what other people might say or think.

Nonetheless, it is not hard to remove your mistakes from the hearts of others. You can do it in one sitting.

 Simply see their heart, let your own heart be melted, and give them the company of your Truth.

This is the way to become a pure diamond; that is, to merge your perfect self.

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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