What keeps me from fulfilling my highest potential?

There are three kinds of circumstances that will keep you from living up to your highest potential.

 One is to allow yourself to be influenced by others.

The second is to allow yourself to be controlled.

The third is to have attachment to anyone or anything.

It is good to check yourself to see if any of these circumstances are operating in your life and if they are, to what degree.


The danger in being open to the haphazard influence of those around you is three-fold. Firstly, it will ultimately keep you from experiencing the influence of God.

Secondly, it will prevent you from being able to recognize and experience your true self. Thirdly, the total effect of these two factors will make it difficult for you to come close to God.

It is also important to note that these influences are not just restricted to those external to you; they can also come from within.

Arrogance is an example of this, as are any programming and conditioning that come from the lower self.

Being Controlled

 Allowing yourself to be controlled can lead you to be so cut off from the experience of your own uniqueness and specialties that you are barely able to stand up even for your own self.

This kind of ‘controlling’ doesn’t have to be the result of external forces alone.

Many people exert this kind of repression on their own kinder nature, talents and/or inner conscience.

Anger is an example of this. To be controlled by your own anger is to repress your original qualities of tolerance and love.

Allowing yourself to be controlled, either by others or by your own self, over a long period of time creates a very deep kind of sorrow in the soul.

The way to free yourself from unwanted influences and from being controlled is to understand that you are not just the child of God, but that you are also his heir.

What this means is that everything He has is also yours.

God always says, ‘Children you are the masters… Everything of Mine is Yours…’

Appreciate that God does not seek to control anyone.

You need only to recognize God and your own true self, and then come close to both.

This puts you back in charge.


Attachment means being dependent, either on someone or something, for your own state of well-being.

It is the result of identifying yourself too strongly with external things, like position, possessions and other people.

(A healthier state would be to identify with the more subtle truths within you, such as the divinity and dignity of being God’s child)

Another way of saying this is that attachment makes you dependent, like an invalid on crutches, on one or another external support.

Of the three blocks, attachment is the worst. It creates a huge amount of loss.

Whereas influence colors your personality, and controlling obscures parts of your personality, attachment destroys personality altogether.

This is because of the way it makes you dependent on other people and things, to the point of never fully developing your own personality, yourself.

Attachment deceives you into thinking that you don’t need to develop your truth to its fullest potential. You think that life that is an equivalent of emotional crutches is a good life. Also, you falsely imagine that those crutches will last you forever.

Unlike influences or controlling, attachment is a self-imposed limiting of the self.

Because the experience of being influenced or controlled is usually quite painful, people generally end up seeking ways to rid themselves of it.

However, in the case of attachment, the damage is more subtle. People are less aware of it, and therefore do not readily engage themselves in becoming free.

The Loss

Attachment keeps you from developing the all-embracing exhilaration of self and God-realization- the constant experience of being a child of God, part of God’s family, the light of God’s eyes.

With attachment, you will not be able to experience the power of God’s love and blessings, nor enjoy His unbroken companionship.

The result of this is that it will be very difficult to rise above the defects and impurities in the soul, to claim the inheritance of divinity to which you are entitled.

Constant, natural happiness will continually elude you. It doesn’t even matter what the attachment is: to your own image of yourself, to the image you have of others, to the specialties of others, a certain style.

Attachment destroys you- the real you- completely.


To free yourself of all three of these states of bondage, continue to increase the quality of your thinking and of your general state of mind.

Keep moving forward! Cultivate the feeling that no one and nothing can stop you.

Understand each one is playing a role and play your part accordingly.

Never go into questions about why, as in ‘Why is this person always doing this?’, or what, as in ‘What is this person up to now?’

These questions will distance you from others and keep others distant from you.

Avoid the thought that others should do what you tell them to do. Learn to develop the loveful feeling that everyone should do what God wants us to do.

Think about these things and see how much inner transformation there can be.

Your eyes will open and you’ll be able to recognize your own (true) self and also God.

This is what sets you free.

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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