What is the source of your sense of purpose? – Purpose

Our world cannot afford any further insult to
the spirit of our humanity.

We must take up the challenge of ceasing to do
that which defames our world family and God.

This is the purpose that I have chosen.
Not for my glorification, but for the
glorification of us all.

This has always been my very strong purpose, one
which I would be ready to die for.

Some people are ready to give up their aim in life, that is,
their sense of purpose, as soon as even a
little difficulty arises.

They say that they can’t continue; it’s just not possible…

It is true that a lot of inner strength is required to
accomplish an elevated task.

Tests to our purpose come all the time;
there’s no fixed date or hour for tests.

And often, there is no one to help.

Not even God’s help is always available in the usual way.
For example, I have seen how, in times of difficulty,
sometimes God is in front of me.

But at other times, He isn’t.

So then I look behind me and see Him there, watching
me to see how I will act…as if God wants to
see if I have my own courage and faith,

or if I’m going to be like a little child
who just gives up.


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