The Actor and the Role

I, the soul, am an actor in this physical world. Over the course of the cycle, I have played many characters each with a name, gender, costume, occupation etc. At some point in the cycle, I forgot that I am an actor enacting the role and thought that I was the role. I assumed the character’s qualities and behaviors. A classic case of mistaken identities.

Baba comes at the confluence age and reminds us of who we are. He comes as the Director and Principal Actor of the Drama and helps me get back to being the actor that I am as opposed to the role. The pre-requisite to stay employed and get to play wonderful characters in the future is to remember who I am and bring my special flavor to each role I play, not be stuck in a past role or character. That’s what makes each role memorable – we often watch a movie or play and forever associate a particular character with the actor who played it, we can’t imagine anyone else playing it. The actor in a sense reveals himself through his role, brings the character to life.

I, the soul, need to do the same. Whether I play an engineer or a doctor or a mother or a friend, I perform the scene in the consciousness of being the soul, the actor that is uniquely me. That is how I am revealed, which is to say the true qualities of the soul are revealed and when I am revealed, so is God.

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