Let go, let Him

Baba says, ‘obstacles come to make you strong’. There isn’t a single Murli where Baba says obstacles might come, He’s very clear, obstacles will come.

But why do we pay so much attention?

When an obstacle comes – a situation, a difficult decision, for example- we immediately forget Baba and put the obstacle on the throne of our intellect. We only think about the problem, what he said, she said, what should I do, is that right etc. etc. At a time when we need and should use Baba the most, we forget all about Him and decide to take the reins or should we say the burden into our own hands. And His whole point is, ‘you’ve carried the burden for a long time. I am here now, let Me carry your burden’.

Do I have enough faith in Who is telling me to be able to let go?

The mistake we make is that we get scared and overwhelmed by the situation very easily. It’s like our power to process shuts down and we run helter-skelter, wringing our hands (so to speak), debating and analyzing, consulting with everyone, brooding until we are completely exhausted while being no more closer to an answer or solution. Let go, let Him.

If I can remain still and learn to listen to that inner voice, I’ll know exactly what to do. And what are problems anyway? Baba says, problems are creations of a weak mind. Keep yourself busy, says Baba, with knowledge, remembrance and service and you will build strength. You will also be liberated from overthinking and will simply do what needs to be done. When the mind is already under pressure, more thinking and analysis just depletes precious energy and I cannot receive the guidance Baba is giving me. I need to keep my line clear. Let me stay busy so I can become and stay strong, so I can let go and let Him.

The key though is to remain busy with Him and His word and His work always, especially during the good times so that I have that energy built up for when I need it. Often we take it easy in the good times and try to meditate during the stressful times and find that we cannot. That is the time to use what I built up and listen, not practice.

So the next time an obstacle comes, remember to not put it on the throne. Keep Baba on the throne and simply listen. Let me not be afraid, He is right there with me telling me what to do.

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