Don’t play with stones

‘You are my invaluable jewels’, says Baba, ‘why do you play with stones?’

Baba comes to remind us of who we really are and of our lost inheritance. We had forgotten our identity and were wandering in the dark, lost like orphans. We no longer trusted or felt like we belonged. We cried, argued, fought and screamed.

He came and told us that we are in fact His children. He being the Highest on High and so He said, we are special- simply by virtue of being His children. You are elevated and divine souls, the whole world is yours, He says.

He protects and takes responsibility for us as our Father, teaches us as our Teacher and guides us every step of the way as our Guru. He feeds us, tells us stories, teaches us to walk, loves us, sits us on His shoulders and shows us the new world. He loves us so much He says that He keeps us in His heart so our feet don’t touch the ground. He carries us in His eyes, He swings us in the swing of His love.

You belong to Me and I belong to you. Why then do you still keep in touch with the old world? Why do you still take sorrow?

The greatest block for Baba’s children is that we find it hard to accept His vision for us. We believe it intellectually but don’t quite internalize it enough to bring it into our feelings. We know His love is true but are almost afraid to get onboard. We’ve been hurt for so long, ignored for so long that being loved so purely and unconditionally is almost foreign to us. But should it be?

Love, pure love, is intrinsic to the soul. That is why the soul is only satisfied when it receives love from the Father because only His love is completely pure. This is the only time in the cycle when I receive this love directly one to one from Baba. He is here and He is available. He is mine. Dare to believe.

I believe when I spend time in silence, in remembrance where I touch base with my true self and with Him. The more I get to know myself and Him, I start to accept myself, respect myself – first because He does, then because I see in myself what He sees in me. He helps me re-discover my own self-worth. The more I accept His company and companionship, the more I experience His love. His love is the alchemy that transforms the soul and I start to think, feel and believe differently about me, about the world. I see that He’s right about me, that He speaks the truth and that He’s ALWAYS there. I then step into my part as His child, His heir.

It’s time to accept His hand of love, it’s time to stop playing with stones- the wrong beliefs, the questions, the doubts, the complaints. It’s time to realize my self-worth.

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