It’s the Drama

Baba explains to us the three dots- I, the soul am a point of light and so a dot, the Supreme Soul also a point of light and a dot and the third dot is the Drama.

We get the first two dots just fine but struggle to apply the third one.

In a drama, there are different actors, each with their own scripted part. The idea is that the actors find themselves in a variety of situations, each plays their part based on their script and bring to it their unique personality. I am an actor in this unlimited drama on this incredible world stage and find myself in various situations with various actors.

But I forget that this is a Drama and that we are actors.

So when someone says something improper or rude, I feel anger, insulted, disrespected etc. When I encounter a difficult situation, I feel defeated, stressed, overwhelmed. Why? Its the Drama and that’s the scene we are in. The next scene is different but because we are still caught up in the previous scene, we miss the current one or carry over the feelings from the previous scene into this one and ruin it. For example, I waste time brooding when I could be doing something productive or I take out my frustration on innocent victims that had nothing to do with my situation. I blame people, I judge them, I hold grudges..sometimes for years but all they were doing was playing their part based on their script in the Drama!

Do I know to put a full stop at the end of every scene? or do I question- ‘but why did he say that?’, ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘wasn’t that wrong?’ etc.

Baba says, ‘when you truly understand the knowledge of the Drama, there are no more questions to ask’. I simply say ‘Drama’ and move on. That is applying the dot of the Drama.

If I am wasting my time correcting people..then I have not understood the Drama. They are playing their part, it is supposed to be different than mine. It is very good to understand right and wrong but if I let it come into my feelings, then I have not understood the Drama. If I feel victimized, superior, inferior..haven’t understood the Drama.

Only when I remember who I am – a soul who is here in this physical world as an actor, will I be aligned with the Drama. I will then actually enjoy playing my part and watch others play theirs without being bothered by it. It’s like watching a movie, I enjoy it.

So next time I am in one of those situations, let me pause for a second to remember who I am and that this is just a Drama. That one second will allow me to respond appropriately rather than simply react. And then, I put a full stop and move on to the next scene.

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