Don’t take sorrow

Baba says, ‘don’t give sorrow and don’t take sorrow’. Right from a young age, most of us are told by our parents, our teachers, religious leaders etc. to not give sorrow to anyone but only God tells us that it is equally bad to take sorrow from others.

Often we take sorrow from others because we feel they have done something wrong to us- betrayed our trust, disobeyed us, insulted us or whatever else. We let that experience come into our feeling and take root in our heart. Baba asks, ‘your heart is my throne. Are you replacing me with an issue?’

He says, only one of us can be seated on the heart throne. If you have seated a problem, a grudge, a worry or anything else on the throne, then I am not there anymore. The choice is up to you.

Baba asks, if you don’t like something that happened, why are you spending your time thinking about it? He makes a good point. When I am walking down the street and see garbage, I ensure I don’t step in it. What I don’t do is take it and put it into my bag to bring home. In the same way, if something wrong has happened, then let me not dwell on it to make it worse, fill my mind with more negative thoughts…make the garbage stinkier. Instead, let me do what is needed to ensure it doesn’t affect me.

That something is remembrance. Baba says, ‘stay in the essence, learn to see the soul’. When I remember that all of us are souls and are here as actors playing our respective roles on the world stage, I learn to be detached and simply watch the performances. I don’t get entangled in them. That’s how Baba does it. If He let everything affect Him, He’d never be able to serve.

Like Him, let me learn to see the purity of the soul and realize that the rest is acquired baggage from the long journeys we’ve been on. That brings a sense of compassion and understanding. I find the strength to let go and move on. If instead, I identify the soul with what they’ve done, I get into the expansion of why, what, shouldn’t and couldn’t. In doing so, I forget Baba and place the situation on my heart throne and that can only bring me sorrow.

Taking sorrow, Baba says, is not just careless but also a great loss to the soul. It instantly brings our stage down which is to say, we step down from our seat of self-respect and make ourselves vulnerable to the enemy. It then takes a while to regain our stage i.e. get back to normal – so much energy, effort and time wasted, not to mention the ill effects on our health.

Don’t succumb to the expansion, remain in the awareness of the soul, says Baba. Remember we are actors, this is a Drama, apply the full stop, move on.

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