Feeling content

Baba says, ‘contentment is the crown jewel. If you have it, everything else follows’. What are some of the ways in which we rob ourselves of our contentment?

  • Often, we are misfortune focused rather than fortune focused. Do I spend most of my time looking at how much longer the journey is i.e. how much more I need to change, how many more defects I have to overcome or do I take time to appreciate how far I have already come? Do I reflect back on what I was like before I came to Baba and how much I have changed?
  • Baba says, check and change. If all I do is check but don’t immediately change, then the defect or impurity keeps coming back in various situations. Its hard to feel content when that happens. And so let me not just know the point of knowledge intellectually but actually apply it in my situations so as to change. When I am able to do that, I start to respect myself more and feel a sense of contentment.
  • Often we compare our part in this Drama with that of others. We evaluate ourselves based on achievements, against each other and inevitably feel discontented. Because comparison is like chasing a mirage, just when you think you’ve ‘made it’, the target has moved again.
  • Even in service, we can tend to look at others and wonder how they do what they do and still keep smiling, be so patient, know just what to say and be so tireless. Rather than compare and feel small or disheartened, let me focus on making my effort more intense such that I can keep building up my own capacity.
  • Do I remember that everyone in this Drama has their own part which is special. My part is special too and unique. A diamond is a diamond, no matter what. It may be placed in a tiara on the head, or it may be in a necklace worn around the neck but either way, its value stays the same. Similarly, my task or duty or project may change but let me not evaluate my worth based on the task. Let me do what is required of me at any given time.
  • We often have too many expectations of others. We are frustrated when others don’t see our perspective. We can be adamant. The key is to understand that every soul has its own pace, its own journey. Not every tree gives fruit at the same time. Let me not impose my thinking on others, let me respect them enough to give them time and space to see it for themselves and realize. All I have to do is be there for them. That’s what God does for me.
  • I spend too much time judging, criticizing, thinking negatively about others and what they’ve done. Negativity immediately brings my stage down, tangles me in its web and makes me feel discontent. Let me focus on what I need to do and let God, the Director, direct others to their destination like He is directing me.
  • When I desire love, respect, certain kind of behavior from others, I inevitably set myself up to be disappointed and therefore discontent. Unfulfilled desire leads to bitterness and resentment. I degrade and devalue the other souls and always feel heavy and weighed down.

Let me learn to appreciate the unbelievable fortune I have, the fact that God is my Parent, my Teacher and Guru. Let me connect myself with Him so I can experience His unlimited love and learn from Him. My journey is as unique as I am, let me allow God to guide me back home and not be distracted by what others are doing. Stay focused on Him and you’ll never be discontent.

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