Don’t be careless

Baba says, ‘don’t be careless’. Am I paying attention or am I being careless in my connection with God?

Baba comes to remind us of who we are. He tells us we are divine beings with divine qualities. He paints an image of perfection- where we are naturally well-behaved, tolerant, loving, kind…in other words soul conscious. He tells us we are the ancestral souls, that we are lighthouses and that it is our duty to inspire our brothers and sisters through our own behavior.

When we hear Him talk about divinity, when we hear His vision, we immediately look at our present state and feel small. Our head bows down in shame, we feel excluded from that image. ‘It’s not me’, we think. ‘I am so far away from that image. I get angry all the time, frustrated, I barely manage to take care of my family, let alone inspire the world. I cannot possibly be the ancestral soul He is referring to. He is clearly talking about someone else.’

Once I get onboard with that chain of thought, then I will automatically dial down my effort. My mind gets comfortable with the idea that the message was not for me, therefore I don’t have to do anything. It fits the status quo- I am nothing like that now, there’s no sign that I can be like that in the future. So we tune off, go back to feeling small, living small.

That, Baba says, is being careless.

‘Remember who is telling you’, He says. We forget who our Father is! If God is telling me I am a pure divine soul, let me have enough faith to accept that as truth. He knows everything I have been through, every single episode, conditioning, circumstance that has shaped me into the person I am today. In fact, I can only see my present but ONLY He knows my past, my present and my future. And He is telling me who I am!

When Baba sees me, He is not seeing my physical body, neither is He influenced by my present circumstance, He is seeing only the soul in it’s original state. He sees it, I may not at that moment but can I dare to believe Him and get onboard with His vision for me instead of my own? Yes, it’s harder since I don’t yet see His version but truth is always subtle, not always visible, it has to be experienced.

I can only experience when I am open to the idea, when I experiment with it. Let me not feel that I need to prove myself to Him but rather understand that I simply need to open myself up to His vision, which is to say, surrender to Him. He tells me, I am the Purifier, I am the Doctor, I am the Liberator…not you. So why do you worry yourself with questions about how the transformation will happen or will it happen. Let me operate, let me clean, simply keep yourself open to me.

So when that negative thought comes, nip it right in the bud. Remember…in fact, say it out loud if you need to, ‘My Father is God. He says I am special, that I am a divine soul and so I believe I am’. And then all I do is connect my intellect with Him, keep listening to what He says about me, spend time with Him and see Him weave His magic.

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