I am the master of my mind

Baba says, ‘you are the master of your mind’. When we forget who we are, the master becomes the servant and the servant becomes the master. Then, trouble ensues…

Have you observed what goes on in your mind when you let down your attention for a few minutes, when you have some free time? If we observed carefully, we’d be surprised. More often than not, the mind starts creating thoughts about what happened that day- he said…, she said…, why did they do that? next time, I am going to…,etc. Even our face starts to change expression without us paying attention.

Someone says something to us and we feel insulted. We immediately react and tell them exactly how we feel. Other times, we bite our tongue but our mind might as well explode, we are so angry! We did twice the work, someone else got praise for a little bitty thing they did…we feel betrayed. We know more than the boss, yet he gets promoted, we stay where we are…we feel resentful. On and on and on….

But surely, these feelings are justified, right? Clearly we were right, others are wrong, right?

Answer: Not relevant!!

If you are driving on the right side of the road and there is another car coming the wrong way, headed straight at you, are you going to stay course so you can let him know why and how he is wrong? I sure hope not! Our first instinct is to get out of harm’s way, to protect ourself.

Same deal. Someone said something wrong, someone else got promoted..the point is, if I create bitterness, resentment, anger, and all these other negative and toxic emotions, I am harming myself and the people I care about. How can I expect to feel happy if I am constantly fighting and battling with myself and the world.

So then, are we to do nothing? No. We can by all means provide our feedback, have a conversation, do whatever the right thing is for any given issue. But to even identify what the right thing is, we need to be able to think clearly- not possible when our mind is clouded with negativity.

Often times, our sense of justice can betray us. Baba says, it is important to understand what is right and what is wrong. And yes, what is wrong is wrong. But don’t let the feelings take root within you. We have to have a safe distance between what is occurring and ourselves.

If we are entangled in the situation, not only do we make bad decisions, it is also the reason why our mind carries on creating endless thoughts about it even when it is long over.

I am the master, not my mind, not my mouth, not my hands. See, we even say ‘my mind and my mouth’- the organs belong to us, they are there to serve us, do as we say, not the other way around. But for them to obey, we have to pay attention that we don’t step down from the throne i.e. the consciousness of being the soul, the master who is equipped with all the spiritual powers. I only have to command them.

And that comes with practice, practice and practice. Initially, we might order the power of tolerance but the power to face might show up instead – that means, I bit my tongue, stood tall but my inner world is in shambles. I didn’t exactly tolerate, I suppressed. But I observe and learn with every situation and get better. The key is to keep at it.

We are the children of God, the masters of our inner world. We are armed with every spiritual power, we have God’s hand of support at all times. Victory is ours for the taking.

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