He is the Lord of the Poor

Baba says, ‘I am Garib Niwaz, the Lord of the poor’. Baba doesn’t come in the pure world, He only creates it. He comes when the world has completely lost its allure, when His children are poor, stripped of all their virtues and powers, lost and wandering. He is the Purifier, He comes to purify the impure.

That is His role in the Drama. If the world didn’t become old, if we didn’t ever become impure, God wouldn’t have a role to play. But the Drama is such that everything that is new must become old…and then be made new again, with help from God.

The rich and famous of the world usually don’t have the time for spiritual study- they are too busy or feel that they are the fortunate ones, they are already in heaven. Baba says, ‘I create heaven and right now, this world is hell’. And no, it is not heaven for some and hell for others. Heaven and hell cannot co-exist. The world is hell right now for EVERYONE. But only a few recognize it, feel that tap on their shoulder and respond.

So yes, we have committed many sins over many births over half the cycle. We have lost our inheritance of peace and prosperity to blind faith. But let us not despair, let us not fall prey to guilt and shame, let us not reject ourselves and others, let us not judge. Instead, let us confidently step forward and take the hand of God. He is here just for us, He knows the beginning, middle and end of our story, He has seen our struggle and He has responded.

God comes in an ordinary form to meet His ordinary children. He doesn’t come in a fancy car, in a royal body and doesn’t stay at the Five Seasons. He doesn’t require appointments either. He is our Father, ecstatic to find His long lost children. He is here to take us back home with Him.

God especially cares for the mothers and sisters since they have suffered the most. They have been repeatedly stripped of their dignity and their place in the world. Even the sanyasis renounce their wives and leave for the jungle. Scripture refers to women as the ‘gateway to hell‘. Baba says, ‘you mothers and daughters are tired, I have come to relieve you of your tiredness’.

He has come to grant everyone happiness by giving us the nectar of knowledge. He has come to rid the world of sorrow and restore it to its original state of purity, peace and happiness.

At this point in the cycle, what do I have to give to God… Let me give Him all that is useless – sorrow, defects, fears and fill myself with His inheritance – love, peace, wisdom, purity, happiness.

He has come to return to me all that I have lost.

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