Conquer your attachments

Baba says, ‘become the conqueror of attachment’. The final exam, so to speak, will be of one second and it will demand of us to let go – of our body, of this world, of our relationships, of our duties and leave. Do we feel prepared to be able to leave without pangs of agony, of remorse, of regret, of sorrow, of anxiety when the call comes?

Life prepares us for the final moment. There are plenty of occasions where we have to change course – move to a different city or country, take a different job, make new friends, welcome a new family member, lose a family member, grow old, fight an illness, etc., etc. Sometimes, I can find myself caught up in subtler things such as, ‘that was my idea’, ‘I did that’, ‘that belongs to me’ to even examine my bigger attachments. I am not even aware I have them.

Each of these occasions is an opportunity to test our preparedness to let go of the old and embrace the new, whatever that might be. Am I willing to try that new job or do I feel anxious to leave my comfort zone? How do I feel about adapting to a new place, making new friends? Or do I feel so attached to my current circle that it has become part of my very identity?

The Drama has a way of pushing us out of our comfort zones, challenging our attachments that perhaps we ourselves weren’t aware of. It has a way of testing our faith by presenting us with ‘opportunities’ that can seem daunting and insurmountable- will we buckle and settle for the easy or will we trust ourselves, trust it (the Drama) and trust God’s help to take on the new?

God teaches us a new way of thinking, of being, of seeing. He has invited us to create the ultimate in newness – transforming ourselves to in turn transform this whole world into a new world, one based on love instead of fear, one where peace is the only religion, one where everyone is happy and prosperous and sorrow is non-existent. It is a radical change from night to day, from hell to heaven.

For peace and happiness in the world, we need peace and happiness within. That cannot come unless we can conquer our attachments to any number of temporary things such as money, a job, a relationship, appearances etc. By definition, temporary things don’t last forever- they come and go. If I identify with them, I can never feel at peace, or be truly happy. Instead, I will feel fear, competition, bitterness, insecurity – it inherently breeds a feeling of ‘I’ vs ‘you’.

God reminds us that we are souls – divine beings, His children. That is our only true identity. Don’t even be attached to your body and appearances, Baba says. This shift in consciousness from ‘I, the body’ to ‘I, the soul’ demands persistence and resilience, it demands love and courage, above all it demands determination and the will power to transform.

Am I ready to embrace it? If I am, I get to be God’s companion, a helper in His task. The alternative is settling for the mundane, working toward a limited vision restricted to me, my family and perhaps my community, going through the ups and downs dictated by identifying with the wrong things.

God believes and is telling me that I am capable of so much more, that there is a different way to live. Let me dare to step up, dare to lift my head up from the limited ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ and step into the unlimited vision that God has.

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